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Granite State Cable Splicing & Testing

Golf & Sports Netting

Design, Installation, & Repair

Whether your need is containing golf balls, baseballs, landfill debris, or anything else Granite State can install a customized barrier netting system that will fit your needs. Our experienced crews can make repairs to existing netting, replace individual panels, install additional panels to an existing system, or a complete new install including poles, hardware, & netting.  Call us today for a free estimate!


Barrier Netting

  Granite State uses a high quality polyester netting that has the best UV resistance, a very low percentage of stretch to maintain a tight fit, and will not absorb water which affects fit & breaking strength. Each net is custom fit to your exact specifications, with a rope border that extends around the full perimeter & internal ropes called "riblines" which are integrated vertically & horizontally to attach to the support structure.